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As world-class Growth Hackers, we are a team of innovators trusted by the world’s most popular startups and brands.

Passion and Expertise

Our deep Growth Hacking, technical, creative and marketing expertise are matched with our passion for our customers’ success.

Top-notch Trainers

Our Trainers have proven knowledge running in-class and intracompany, workshops, hackathons and executive MBA classes all around the globe.

What will I learn in this training session?

Personal growth is the only form of revolution that leads to the evolution of yourself and eventually of people you influence.

It is about mindset, attitude, strength, discipline, focus, creativity and many more skills that with the right combination will function as an armor to your journey in business and life.

Success should happen first in your mind in full detail and transform you into the person who will be ready to go and make it real.

Knowing the tools is one thing. Finding a way to connect them and make them work is another thing. But the most important thing is to understand why you do what you do. Because this will give you the opportunity to create more chances leading you to success. If you acquire a winner mindset, a creative mind that delivers solutions, then your tools will execute that solution which will make you wealthy.

But how can you achieve this? There is a set of skills you need, knowledge to acquire and tools to learn that will make your impossible possible. You need to believe, to set yourself ready to accept the change, the transformation that will make you unstoppable and determined become the leader you would follow.

Create success first in your mind and believe it beyond any doubt.

There is a range of topics we cover in Personal Growth, that will help you achieve the transformation.

Identify who you are

Understand your environment and find your purpose

Acquiring the mindset

Learn the skills you need to create you as a leader who will implement a success plan

Execute, Execute, Execute !!!

Implement your success plan and follow it

Use Latest Growth Tools

Utilize the digital tools to deliver the maximum result with the minimum effort

Why Grow-like-an-artist is good for you and your business

Tailor-made Content

Because the training sessions involve your organisation’s employees only, we could dedicate the last part to address your specific marketing needs.

Better Productivity

The Growth-Junkie training enables all kind of employees to acquire new skills and knowledge about new tools or refine their existing competencies.

Your Place

The training takes place within your offices, meaning your employees won’t be displaced. Your employees won’t need to transport themselves

More than one syllabus

You can not only tailor the training sessions’ content but also their duration and context. One of our specificities is our highly modifiable nature.

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About Us

Who is Growthrocks

GrowthRocks is one of the top growth Hacking Agencies internationally and ranks #1 worldwide for the term “growth hacking agency”. In only 3 years, GrowthRocks has managed to expand its market to cover 16 countries, with offices in Athens, London, and affiliates in 10 more countries. Moreover, the GrowthRocks team has developed a VC-backed startup called Viral Loops-a SaaS platform for referral marketing with a 40% month after month Growth Rate!

Main Instructor

Theodoros Moulos

Serial Entrepreneur, Speaker, Growth Hacker, Instructor, Investor

Theodore has a 15-year experience in running successful and profitable software products. Currently, he is the Group CEO of GrowthRocks. His career includes managerial roles for companies both in Greece and abroad and he has significant skills in intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship.

One of his major career achievements was building i- docs an international product in Customer Communication Management and segmatiX, a product on marketing automation which very quickly found traction in important markets in Europe

He is also a guest lecturer in NYU - Executive MBA, co-founder and Instructor of Growth Hacking Academy and Instructor in almost all Digital Marketing Diplomas

Main Instructor

Costantino Roselli

BestSelling Author, Personal Growth Coach, Brand Storyteller, Growth Hacking Marketer, Speaker

Costantino has 16 years of experience in corporate, multinational companies, working abroad in different countries and collaborating with several firms and people behind them.
When people ask him what he does for living he says “I teach people to tell stories in a way that people would kill to hear them. And when they ask me WOW! How do you do it? I say “Do you wanna hear a story?”"
His job is to build an army of loyal customers for your brand.
What fascinates him more on this journey in life is the behavior of people. Why they buy what they buy. What is the factor behind their decision to choose what they choose?

Plans & Curriculum

Besides the standard Plans you can create a custom one

Basic1.000 (€)

4 hours

Part 1 - Introduction  (1 hour)

How to jump from the train - Welcome to connection economy.

It’s not about what we are learning, it's about the way we learn it. From stereotypes to school, from closed societies to factories. We were hunters then we became farmers and then employees. The way we grow up is based on a system created around a factory. But the factory is not there anymore.

The industrial economy is not there. Industrialists are gone. Now is the time of individuals.

Part 2 -Acquiring a digital mindset (1 hour)

From gravity to zero gravity - Acquiring a digital mindset

In a digital world, our physical capabilities are just an option.

Information is running fast in every direction. Yesterday, we kept up with our rituals, serial routines that gave us time to swallow and digest what we were learning. Today, there is no source of info. Today, we are the media. We are the events. We produce information and receive millions of info from every other person, brand, platform etc.

Part 3 - Your Growth Weapons (1 hour)

Technology keeps changing by adding new features, new channels and new devices (from mobile to smart-watch). What new features are for individuals, they are your weapons for you to monetize faster, easier and in a multiple manners

Part 4 - Discussion (1 hour)

In the final part, we discuss and analyze some of the growth challenges your company is currently facing.


1.500 (€)

10 hours - 2 days

Part 1 - Introduction (1 hour)

Same as in Basic

Part 2 -Acquiring a digital mindset (1 hour)

Same as in basic

Part 3 - Your Growth Weapons (3 hours)

Same as in Basic

Part 4 - Understanding Behaviour (1 hour)

The guide of generations/ Every era has natives and immigrants. In our era, we call them digital natives and digital immigrants. Today, in connection economy you don’t have as an immigrant the luxury of time to adapt. Generations are more demanding in that they move faster and faster and we need to understand people’s behaviour in this change.

Part 5 - Buy-ology  (1 hour)

Why do people buy from you? Because they trust your product, or your brand, or you, or a combination of those three. People buy because they identify a certain kind of value to you. They love your story or they believe in your vision.

Part 6 - ideation process  (1 hour)

Your brain is a muscle. And as a muscle to become strong it needs to exercise. The wrong exercise will provoke a headache, pain, discomfort, and depression. The right form of exercise will make your brain sweat and make it stronger

Part 7 - Discussion (2 hours)

In the final part, we discuss and analyze some of the growth challenges your company is currently facing. 

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